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art director

optimistic - idealistic - she thinks the future can still be beautiful - sings but evil - dreams to travel around the world, to go back in the past, to teleport - she loves life, the smell of ground coffee, upcycling, the sea, pigeons cooing, skydiving, the noise of the chain saw, rainbows, the breakfast on Sunday morning, kind people, to blow glitter and jump into puddles, & to watch the last ray of sun after a tough day.

I like to work with her for her sense of aesthetics and the complicity we share.

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film director

co-founder of KNM, he lives for making films - a cynical utopian with sarcastic humor : )

airmusicien - music is his second master - he dreams to discover the world with his camera, truths, and new video equipments - he always need to understand - he likes mouvements, to tell stories of people, of a better world, loves beautiful things, old films, art, good books, all his drones, being surprised & the smell of pine trees.


I love to work with him for his vision and his ideas.

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