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who we are ?

what we do?

  we do FILMS
we FLY  over the cities

hard job : )

film director

co-founder of KNM, he lives for making films, he is a cynical utopian with sarcastic humor.

airmusicien - music is his second master - he dreams to discover the world with his camera, truths, and new video equipments - he always needs to understand - he likes mouvements, to tell stories of people, of a better world, loves beautiful things, old films, art, good books, all his drones, being surprised & the smell of pine trees.


I love to work with him for his vision and his ideas.

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art director

optimistic - idealistic - she thinks the future can still be beautiful - sings but evil - dreams to travel around the world, back in the past and teleport - she loves life, the smell of ground coffee, upcycling, the sea, birds singing, skydiving, rainbows, sunday morning breakfasts, kind people, to blow glitter and jump into puddles, & to watch the last ray of sun after a tough day.


I like to work with her for her sense of aesthetics and the complicity we share.

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we just ended a year of filming for the new film
Jet d'eau de Genève




we just produced the documentary Osteoporosis, a silent disease. Soon released.


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