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we fly


It's beautiful from up here 🎈

We take to the skies and take advantage of this special moment to film your locations,

in the city, countryside, or mountains.

Phantom 4 ready to take off at EPFL


At KNM Prod, we absolutely love drones. We have various sorts & sizes to best meet our needs.

A drone can be operated solo or with two people, depending on the model. The drone pilot controls the machine while the second operator controls the camera.

Aerial shootings offer an amazing differentiating point of view.

The float


KNM prod is certified to fly in Switzerland, as well as in Europe.

We get all the certificates officially required to fly but it does not exempt us from the permits issued by the Police, Skyguide, and the OROEM.

We take care of the necessary requests for you to obtain all flight authorizations on D-day.

...and God knows it can be long and tedious...

but the law is the law :)

Phantom 4 flying inside the bodega

an angel is in the sky

Flying over the Jet d'Eau in Geneva, with its 140 meters,

with a Skyguide exemption up to 150 meters...

...the thrill of happiness when we fly over this feather and a rainbow appears as if by magic, just for us.

We do have a crazy job 😎

DJI Inspire 1 flying
DJI Goggles for aerial views
Shot from above, filming with Mavic
DJI Phantom 4 ready to fly
Mavic 3 cine in the air
The pilot in the sunset
Woooo above the Geneva Jet d’eau
Shooting for a DJI salesperson
Getting ready for aerial shooting in Rioja
Say hello from the ground DJI inspire 1


Love is in the air
Shooting with Phantom 4 inside
Inspire 1 shadow at sunset in Valais
The pilot is getting some rest
The float is waiting
Filming for corporate video with DJI
Flying about UNHRC


Changing perspective to offer a different view.

A view that we don't often get to appreciate, with our two feet on the ground.

Each flight is like a little journey, a discovery, sometimes a surprise, often a questioning, about what we see, and what can be seen.

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