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post- production

Post-production is an alchemy. It's about good taste. Precision. Rhythm. Emotion.

Tailored to the subject. No two edits are alike.

Editing the Swiss Open teaser


The concept has been written and approved, the footage has been shot.

All the ingredients are there, and yet there remains a step just as important as the good idea or beautiful images:

giving the rhythm and meaning to the story.


Hundreds of hours of footage.

It's about building, it's about choosing.

Conveying the emotion we felt watching them dancing. Presenting 22 dancers in 26 minutes.

A challenge.

The documentary we did for the Geneva Ballet on Tour
Editing timeline


We decide together on the duration of your film, according to your target audience, communication needs, and budget.

A movie today? From 10 seconds to 52 minutes, from social media to TV.

It's up to you.


We're equipped with fixed workstations with ultra-fast internal processors and gigantic screens.

But also mobile, to edit directly on-site or while traveling.

We adapt.

But most importantly, we enjoy.

Trainspotting, sleeping or working
Right after the shooting, checking aerial views of the Geneva Jet d’eau
Derushage at the hotel in La Reunion with Geneva Ballet
Office of the day - RTS shooting #lovemyhouse
Derushing on the top of the mountain with a beer
Office of the day on a cruise in Greece - right before filming underwater


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