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underwater filming in Greece

we film


A few meters from distance, a beautiful backdrop, light, whether direct or indirect, the image is composed and written. Like a poem.

SIG film de marque


Quelques mètres de recul, un joli fond, de la lumière, directe ou indirecte, l'image se compose et s'écrit.

Comme un poème.

Set up interview studio knmprod


We're equipped with 4K, 6K cameras. Probably soon 8K. What else?

With lights. Small ones, big ones, hits.

Lavalier microphones, boom microphones. Lots of very heavy tripods. And monitors. Color backgrounds. A huge studio prompter for those who struggle to read on iPads, another, smaller one for travels.

We adapt to your needs. To your budget too. But let's not talk about money just yet :)

Composing the image takes time to be beautiful.

studio or real places with real people?

Some films require a neutral or fictional background. Others, on the contrary, are more suited to a real setting - yours - for authenticity.

Again, we adapt.

We come to your location, we rent suitable spaces.

We follow you abroad.

Set up for an interview in a reallife environment
Shooting for the Maya Boutique Hotel in Nax

encounters that count

A shooting is above all a meeting. A story that unfolds. Emotion. Beauty. A touch of magic to capture the essentials, and render them with our own perspective.


Some of our clients say it's the "KNM touch".


We love images, but above all, it's the encounters that drive us and the stories you have to tell us.


Defining a message, building the story around it, estimating costs, planning - trying to rush a film for yesterday just doesn't work. What if, for once, we take our time?

We'll be there. You can count on us.

And you'll be proud of the outcome. That's our promise.

Set up live streaming filming KNMprod
Set up interview teleprompter filming KNMprod
That was a great shoot
Storytelling Camera Clap Filming RTS KNMprod series Filming RTS KNMprod series #lovemyhome
Getting ready with autocue is always easier and safer
Production interview white background studio filming KNMprod zeiss lens
Set up studio filming KNMprod forum yearfilm tv
Set up interview studio filming KNMprod autocue team
Set up TV set filming studio KNMprod
Set up report filming yearfilm KNMprod
Set up interview Bertrand Blier filming KNMprod
shooting interviewportrait RTS Cailler filming KNMprod
Set up advertising studio filming KNMprod tv commercial Migros


Set up interview Ballet Geneva filming KNMprod Grand Théâtre Genève
filming production KNMprod storytelling nature
Set up interview around Ballet Geneva filming KNMprod
Set up advertising studio shooting KNMprod tv commercial
Set up advertising studio shooting KNMprod tv commercial Macan
Set up interview autocue teleprompter studio filming KNMprod
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