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who we are?

17 years that we have been working together. That's a lot of films :)

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film director

Co-founder of KNM prod, he lives for making films.

He has traveled the world several times with his camera. For him, life is seen through a viewfinder or a monitor. He loves to tell stories and meet new people. An idealist, a bit cynical with a rather sarcastic sense of humor.
He is passionate about image, movement, and music. He often says a film is 50% about picture and 50% about music.
He loves technologies - new and old. He experiments a lot of different things. He needs to always understand everything.

Christophe is also a drone pilot, for almost 10 years now. He has flown almost all of them. The big ones and the small ones. Changing perspectives, being surprised, capturing the beauty of this world, serving a vision or a purpose.


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art director


She is a photographer and graphic designer when she meets Christophe.
Together, they decided to create KNM prod. Partners & complementary, they share the same vision, the same aesthetic of the image.

She brings the feminine touch to the agency. She has an eye for detail. She deeply loves humanity. Glitter too. She loves what is beautiful. And simple.
She writes. Scripts, voiceovers, stories. She loves telling them. Visualizing them. Bringing them to life.

Skydiving, diving with a camera, watching the last ray of sunlight set behind a summit, she marvels at the little things. She loves her job, and her life.


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what they say about us

What they say about us, KNM.

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